Super fun and modern farm wedding – Viola + Danny

For everyone who has been asking me whether I shy away from booking countryside weddings because to my love of cityscape weddings, due to the recent popularity of my “Embrace everything about your city wedding portraits” blog, I want to reassure you that I SHOOT WEDDINGS EVERYWHERE; and I bloody love them all! 😀


I regularly shoot weddings in converted barns, manor houses, forests, seaside resorts, yacht clubs, pubs, real working farms, cliffside hotels, castles, warehouses, theatres, botanical gardens, etc… Every venue is beautiful and unique in its own way, just like my couples.


So if you live in the city but would prefer to escape to a more greener area for your big day, please do let me know! I have TONNES of suggestions for amazing rural venues if you’re stuck for ideas.

I always meet with every new couple before they book. I do this because I know how important it is for us to all be on the same creative page. And when I met Viola and Danny, I just KNEW they’d be mega fun. They had seen all my work and really appreciated the creative side of my photography, so we were off to a brilliant start!


On the day, Viola & Danny were absolutely amazing to shoot – they openly showed their emotions, in spite of having the same photography nerves as everyone else. They allowed me to drag them into derelict buildings and followed me when I was shrieking something unintelligible about how beautiful the sunset was. They didn’t even need any convincing that shooting most of their portraits in the working farm, as opposed to all within the perfectly preened wedding gardens, would be the best idea – they told me to lead the way and they followed!


In short – they booked me because they felt good about my previous work and on the day they trusted me to do my job. This must be the one single thing that makes wedding photographers hearts sing!! So thank you Viola & Danny, as well as all of my other cool-as-fuck couples, for being so awesome.


Anyway, I will let Viola & Danny tell you more about their gorgeous farm wedding in their own words…

Oh em gee!!!!! You are one incredible woman!! We've watched it together and are both completely thrilled, how will I ever choose the ones to print out - Viola + Danny


Click here to listen to Viola & Danny’s wedding soundtrack while you enjoy the rest of their blog post.


Viola – “My favourite part was when Dan messed up his vows slightly, he said “I am” at the wrong point and blamed the registrar for having an unnecessary pause. The whole room burst into laughter and it completely took away all of my nerves that I had whilst walking down the aisle. I have this weird anxiety of having all eyes on me, and originally wanted to stand at the end and have Dan walk down to me, but also didn’t want to deprive my dad of having that “walking his daughter down the aisle moment”. So having this moment of laughter completely took all my worries away and left me with only an “oh my f*@&%ing god I’m getting married” kind of excitement.”


Dan – “My favourite part was when our dog, Lexi, arrived! (Sorry Viola, marrying Viola was also a GREAT part!) It was a complete surprise and I had no idea Lexi was coming, after asking for months and months if she could come to the wedding, and getting a big fat NO as an answer every time. Viola had arranged for the dog sitter to bring Lexi to arrive just after the ceremony…. I love the bulldog!” 


The planning part was exciting but definitely stressful at times. Our main tip is to plan the expenditure early and constantly keep re-assessing. There were many times when we thought we had thought of everything, so we planned our monthly saving and left-over money budget, only to realise we had forgotten something! Spend money on things that YOU want that will add to the value/fun for YOUR day. You can get easily get carried away on planning things that are not necessary. Every time we saw something for the wedding that we liked we would ask ourselves “will we remember this in 20 years’ time?” and “will this make the wedding more fun for us” if the answer was no to either, we binned it off.

Remember to have fun and try to stay as relaxed as possible! Don’t worry about things going wrong; they often turn into the best times. We had a little disaster on one evening of the hen do that completely worked in our favour and we ended getting an experience that money can’t buy – a boat trip on the Thames didn’t have our original booking which left 20+ ladies in London with nothing to do! Instead we ended up going to a gorgeous picturesque French restaurant (cheese and wine overload) in Convent Garden and had the whole of the courtyard to ourselves surrounded by stunning flower arches with my best friends… perfect.


Biggest tip, go and visit lots of wedding venues… you get free prosecco!!


We chose Amy because she was the best; unconventional and imaginative. After following Amy’s Facebook page for years, we absolutely loved her style of photography. We didn’t want the white and fluffy traditional photos, instead we wanted photos with depth and character and Amy did not disappoint!


We definitely enjoyed working with Amy as our photographer. She even put up with all the drunk groomsmen and managed to get them in line for a photo…. SKILLZ!!!


Oh gosh, what a difficult question, they are all incredible! One that stands out the most is the confetti moment. In one of these shots my double chin is out in full force, its hardly flattering and I’ve got my mouth wide open. But we both ABSOLUTELY love it! It shows exactly how we felt and sums up the entire day… happy and fun.


Don’t stress about the guest list. This is something we both felt strongly about and got some stick from family at times. We were adamant to keep this day about us and not everybody else, so we had a strict criteria for the guest list; we wanted no more than 60 guests in the day, and this list was made up of people who knew us both well and who had been close to us over the last 8 years of our relationship, so we had the best of friends and the closest of family there. A similar rule applied to the night guests; we both knew everyone invited, avoiding ‘the aunt you last saw when you were two years old’ scenario. Neither of us wanted to meet someone for the first time at the wedding or see someone we hardly know and have nothing to say to them (how awkward).


Final note…be relaxed and have fun!!


Dress: San Patrick

Shoes: New Look

Suit: Peter Posh

Ushers suits: Peter Posh

Flowers: Carrie Lucas Flowers

Cake: The Confetti Cakery

Make up: Helena Restall Make Up

Hair: Chloe Bradbury Hair

Stationery: home made by bride

Band: Fraudio

Videographer: Floodgate Films

Photo booth: The Photo Booth Guys

Unfortunately the amazing venue Packington Moor had to close due to the HS2 bypass 🙁 read about it here

  • Peter Hugo

    March 17, 2018 at 3:00 pm

    Awesome as always Amy. Some absolutely great shots

    • Amy Faith

      March 17, 2018 at 4:52 pm

      Thank you Peter!!

  • Emma b

    March 17, 2018 at 4:57 pm

    Looks such a fun day! I bet you took tons of the dog!

    • Amy Faith

      March 17, 2018 at 5:09 pm

      Ah it was! Haha and I did!!! 😀

  • Jonathan Fee

    May 27, 2018 at 11:45 am

    Love love love barn weddings! stunning grade!

  • Error

    June 14, 2019 at 11:49 am

    I really cherish the time we spent on our own; Dave surprised me on the lake with a video he made of my sisters and best friends singing and performing ‘The Wedding Song’ (the one we walked down the aisle to) It was absolutely hilarious and something I knew nothing about!”