Love is love – a same-sex wedding on a loch in Scotland with REAL rainbows – Sami & Kerrie

At the end of every meeting with a new couple and at the end of every email, you’ll probably find me saying “if you have any questions at all, please just ask!” which, as we know, is great customer service and also a wonderful human trait to have. One of my mottos is “don’t be a dick” so I like to think that shines through!


However, there is ONE question I will NEVER be able to answer to ANYONE, I don’t care who you are, the Queen of Sheeba, Aggie Weston, or Ethel Merman! No one will hear me answer this…




I would rather vote for the Conservatives in the next election than be forced to pick a favourite amongst all of my beloved past weddings. Usually, when I’m asked this question, it’s by a guest at a wedding I’m currently working on, so I try to be diplomatic and reply with “why, this one, of course!” *smiles annoyingly sweetly*


But, let’s get real here – rather than pick a single wedding, the more rounded answer should be this: my favourite wedding I ever have shot and ever will shoot is a wedding where the couple are adorable weirdos, the guests are wacky as fuck, the locations are blow-your-brains-out awesome and where I’m given pretty much free reign to let my creativity flowwww.


Luckily for me, that’s pretty much every wedding I get.

If there was ever a wedding that could highlight the paragraph above as truth, it’s this one. Everything from the incredible location in Scotland, to the fierce love and hilarious interaction between the guests, from the unpredictable events (including 6 rainbows, flashing arses and soggy shoes in lochs) to the passion for creativity and unwavering trust I felt while working with such an awesome couple, Sami & Kerrie.


I’m always grateful for anyone who wants to whisk me away to wonderful locations around the UK, Europe and the rest of the world to capture their very special day, so if you want to find out more about my DESTINATION WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY << click here <<)


But before you go, here are Sami & Kerrie in their own words. You DON’T want to miss this blog post!

OMG!!!!!! Amy, we are literally beside ourselves! That was INCREDIBLE!!!! We would pay a million pounds for these! They are so so amazing! - Kerrie & Sami


Click here to listen to Sami & Kerrie’s wedding soundtrack while you enjoy the rest of their blog post.


Oh gaaawwwdd! How do we even begin to choose?? So many things about that day were so, so special for us.


The ceremony was probably our absolute favourite. We felt so strongly that we wanted it to be a celebration of our relationship and the celebrant, Claire The Humanist, certainly managed to make that happen. We loved the handfasting and it made the ceremony feel a bit extra ‘Scottish’. Not to forget the fact that we both got our dream of being married right there in the great outdoors with the beautiful loch and Ben Lomond in the background.


Other things we loved were how honoured and touched we felt hearing the speeches that everyone wrote/sung.


Kerrie: My highlights include seeing Sami for the first time when I turned that corner to walk down the aisle (you captured that so well) and of course Sami singing during the ceremony, she was so nervous and told me she wasn’t going to do it beforehand but I’m so glad she did.


Sami: I loved the wedding breakfast as we both sat there looking out on our nearest and dearest all in the exact same room at the exact time, it’s a very bizarre feeling!


We also both loved running down the jetty chasing that rainbow for the epic portrait! (Sami lost her shoe in the loch but, in that moment, that was the last thing on our mind.)


We choose Amy for sooooo many reasons. What was most important for us to find in our photographer was someone that made us feel comfortable and understood us as a couple. We didn’t want to be told to do this and pose like that for every over-staged photo. We wanted someone that could capture our personalities in a really beautiful way but also give us a gentle nudge when we needed it. We needed someone we could trust. We wanted different, not run of the mill. And most importantly we wanted someone that shared our passion for the beautiful surroundings that we were in.


We first met Amy at Emma, of Sami’s bridesmaids, wedding in Sorento and she encouraged us to look at Amy’s portfolio. We did… and we were intrigued… then we saw Emma’s wedding photos and we basically decided if Amy wasn’t free on that date, we’d change our date to suit her.


Amy delivered in abundance on all of our requirements and it was such a stress-free process. We both felt so comfortable around her and trusted her implicitly, that’s probably why the photos are so epic because we felt so relaxed. We haven’t stopped recommending Amy since and we could not be happier with our photos.

Amy!!!!! Your USB package just arrived!!! You are amazing! All of these little extras are soooooo cool!!! WE ARE SO HAPPY!!!! Thank you so so so so much!! - Kerrie & Sami


  • We LOVE the image of us at the end of the jetty with rainbow. It captures everything about that day perfectly. It was such a mad dash moment when you saw the rainbow then caught us between courses and made us leg it down the jetty. It was so fun! We had so many rainbows that day which for a gay wedding couldn’t be more fitting. We also felt like it was a sign from those who couldn’t be with us, they were showing us they were there, that they love us and adore us as a couple.


  • Also the shot of us after dusk when we are looking at each other and all the twinkle lights are behind us. It is absolutely stunning and magical. It makes us feel warm and fuzzy to look at (and we both look fab too).


  • We also love the one of us in the trees. It’s kind of dark and mysterious but elegant and stunning all at the same time.


  • Oh and the one with the cheeky ciggie. It was one of those moments that we just needed a minute. And the photo is fucking cool.


The planning seemed to go well, to begin with… it really feels like there isn’t that much to do, but then about 6 weeks before the day SHIT GETS WILD!!! Honestly, we weren’t sure if we’d ever stop making lists of things for us and others to do! There were no real disasters other than the almost-indoors-ceremony [due to the on/off rain showers] but we both feel someone was looking over us and took care of that.


Utilise the support on the day as much as possible and don’t sweat the small stuff. We went a little ‘Monica’ on our bridal party and had them all meet the day before to go through their jobs and give them an itinerary. They all received this well but, then again, we do have an awesome bunch of people behind us.



Choose vendors you have confidence in, i.e. they ‘get’ you and know what you want. We really felt we nailed that. The venue knew we wanted awesome food; the celebrant knew we wanted a unique and personal ceremony; the venue dressers knew we wanted simple and straight forward; the band knew we wanted banging tunes that people would dance their socks off to; and Amy knew we wanted just a few special family shots and loads of amazing couples portraits that were a bit different, maybe a bit weird but most importantly that we could proudly share and look back on for a long long time to come.


Do your day your way.


Embrace every second because the day goes by so fast. Take a moment to appreciate how mega it is to have so many people around you who love you. And take a moment for each other. We got changed after our first dance which meant we had 20 mins together away from it all. This was great.


Think about the music, it matters.


Book Amy Faith, you will not regret it.

Anyone who books you, will be the luckiest couple on earth! - Kerrie & Sami


Thanks to my second shooter, Lauren Elliott

Venue: The Cruin, Loch Lomond

Celebrant: Claire the Humanist

Dresses: shop now closed

Groomsmen: Gilt Edged

Bridesmaids: Chi Chi London

Cake: Gingers Bakery

Makeup: done by friend

Hair: Get It Glam

Photo Booth: Booths 4 U

Band: Sneaky Treacle

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