A lively Ceilidh wedding in Wales – Roseann & Andy

There’s nothing I love more than when different cultures and backgrounds come together in a wild mesh of loveliness, especially when they’re combined with a quirky sense of adventure. Roseann & Andy wanted their families to feel comfortable and happy while still accomplishing their desire to get married in a unique location. And you can’t get more unique than beneath a disused train bridge in the countryside of Wrexham.


Roseann’s family hail from Scotland, so it was a no-brainer about the evening function being a Ceilidh. Lots of swinging each other around, shrieks of glee and skirts swishing everywhere (that goes for the men as well as the women as there were many beautiful kilts donned for the celebration). I almost lost my camera about 6 times as feet and arms were flung everywhere! But it was worth it!


Andy also got his hands very dirty in preparation for the wedding – using his skills as a blacksmith, he actually forged metal roses for each table centerpiece. So unique, so intricate, such a talent!


The wedding was held at the lovely Tower Hill Barns in Wrexham. There are so many beautiful areas for photography at this venue, so it made me super happy when the couple agreed to wander into a neighbouring field for their portraits.


And the piece-de-resistance?? The videography was handled by a spiffing chap called Finn… who also happens to be Roseann & Andy’s beautiful doggy! They strapped a special harness to Finn’s back and hoisted a go-pro camera to it. I haven’t seen the video, but judging by the amount of people who gave Finn a bunch of head scruffles, I’m sure he was able to capture so many of the lovely faces that attended the wedding.


All in all a superb day. I hope you enjoy their pictures.

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  • Jacob

    September 4, 2017 at 1:26 am Reply

    The photos themselves are beautiful and timeless.

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