My Approach - Amy Faith Photography
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So now you know a little (too much) about me, I want to tell you how I actually shoot weddings!


First and foremost – I AM A NON-TRADITIONAL, UNOBTRUSIVE, DOCUMENTARY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER WITH A PENCHANT FOR CREATIVE, FUN, WONDERFUL PORTRAITS AND A LOVE FOR SILLY FACES. This means I get to combine my love of candid, as-it-happens photography with my love of super beautiful portraiture.


My passion lies within the kinds of weddings that truly resonate with your nutty personalities, your lovely hearts, your funny expressions, your inevitable weirdness, your crazy ideas, your amazing families and your loud friends. I want to document the day as it REALLY was – everything from the monumental to the unnoticed – even the smallest things can become truly extraordinary. 


As stated above, my photography style is anything but traditional. Hell, I am the least traditional person you’ll meet. The natural images I capture reflect the true essence of the day in a fun, contemporary and creative way. I want to capture you two feeding the cake to one another after cutting it awkwardly with a large blunt knife. Your uni mates and you crashing together on the dance floor in a huge hug, singing drunkenly into my camera lens. Your mum having a laugh with the ushers because your mum has top bants. Your dad, the big softie, blubbing at the sight of his baby all grown up and getting married. Because THAT is what your wedding day is going to be all about. Real moments.


Because the best wedding days are perfectly imperfect <3


It might rain (because hey, this is the UK!!), you might be late, you might have non-RSVP guests turn up, you might slop gravy on your fancy waistcoat, you might forget your bouquet, you might get sweaty busting shapes on the dancefloor, you might get drunk by 4pm, you might kick your garter off while walking down the aisle, you might need 3 girls to help hold your dress while you pee, you might split your trousers break-dancing, you might get sloppily kissed on the lips by your great auntie Mildred, you might ugly-cry during the speeches, you might lose your veil after climbing into that sunset lit field for epic photos. 


AND THAT’S ALL FINE! Because this is YOUR wedding day! My camera will capture all of it – I don’t avoid the “messy” moments, because they are some of the best moments.


Don’t worry though, I don’t shirk away from capturing a few long beloved traditional moments if they are important to you, but I will always, always, ALWAYS put the non-forced moments first. Because in the future – on those quiet rainy days, when you put the kettle on, cuddle up on the sofa and pull out your wedding album to reminisce about your big day – you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be the natural shots that spark ALL of the feels. 


This I promise.


Cross my heart, hope to cry, stick a finger in my eye.