An Instagram day out in Liverpool for under £60!

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Not sure if you know this about me, but although I was born in Liverpool I actually grew up in the Isle of Man from the age of about 6. So when I moved back to Liverpool in my mid 20’s, I felt like I had to learn about the city through the eyes of a newbie. It’s been about 15 years since I moved back and, within that time, Liverpool has changed A LOT and actually grown into a foodie paradise. No longer is it the unfortunate cousin to Manchester, but a fully-fledged contender for the crown of the north.


Combining the foodie revolution that erupted in Liverpool over the last 5 years with the extensive musical, sporting and cultural history this city has seen, it’s no surprise more and more tourists flock to spend a weekend in the city than ever before. And amongst those tourists are many lifestyle influencers and photographers, searching for new content for their blogs and portfolios.

So this weekend I’ve been working on a collaboration which would challenge me to visit a few of the most photogenic hangouts in Liverpool for under £60. (The spending money was gifted by, but all views are my own.) I thought I would also bring along my vlogging camera and document my experiences as well as capturing some gorgeous shots for Instagram – check out my vlog below! Fortunately I also picked up a new Samsung S8 last week and I’ve been dying to test out it’s camera in a few different lighting scenario’s so this seemed like the best opportunity!



I was going to call this section “a working breakfast”, but lets be real, I’m self employed and I work from home – by the time I’m up and I’ve figured out what to wear it’s 11am! So brunch it is!


For this I picked One Fine Day – a relatively newcomer on the block, however its so awesome that it already feels like an established member of the lunch brigades favourite places. And BONUS – it’s also a wedding venue, so for me being a wedding photographer, this place is a regular haunt of mine.


The venue is set in the Financial District of Liverpool – which, when compared to Manchester and London, is relatively small, it’s still bustling between Monday to Friday, so trying to secure a table between 12-2pm is impossible. I would recommend visiting before or after these times to really experience the tranquil surroundings. The walls are painted millennial pink with luxurious turquoise (definitely something Farrow & Ball fans would appreciate) and the lighting is soft – all in all a perfect place for a small meeting of creative minds.


I ordered an open halloumi and avocado sourdough sandwich, which feels Scandi influenced with simple yet yummy flavours. I also slipped in 2 latte’s and a cheeky brownie. This should have pushed my expenses way over my target, but because I’m so well known at the venue by the wedding staff, they surprise me with a lovely 30% off my final bill. So I hit my target EXACTLY!



As we all grow up and find careers and have families, we find that our friendships are more about having a catch up coffee once a year rather than the old style getting drunk every weekend. 9 years ago I met a gorgeous girl called Martina (Santy to all her friends) and that is exactly what we did for about a year – enjoyed weekends of hilarity almost every weekend. Then life inevitably happened.


So we decided to meet up again this weekend to do the adult catch up thing… we chatted about how we’ve changed, how we’re still the same, why we fell out of love with the music we used to live for and what we want to do with our futures.


I chose the Quarter for our late lunch because, in my mind, the Quarter was one of the very first of the great foodie places to open and thrive in Liverpool. Set on a cobbled street in the beautiful Georgian Quarter with mint green exterior lined with French bistro chairs and marble tables it is already winning when it comes to Instagrammability. There are very few places in Liverpool that become institutions and the Quarter is definitely one of them. The Quarter, with its wonderful choice of food, was there WAY before the food revolution exploded in Liverpool, maintaining its popularity throughout against much tougher competition. So, for that, it deserves a spot on my must-visit list.


While Santy and I chatted about life I enjoyed a salmon royale with smashed avocado and two perfectly poached eggs. When I popped the yolk Santy said “are you doing an M&S advert” because it oozed out so perfectly.


I went over my target of £15 by £2 because we had one more coffee and split a chocolate fudge cake because we had so much to talk about and anyone who doesn’t want desert when they go to the Quarter is insane.



My partner and I don’t often do date night outside our own home, or if we do it’s usually date day and our dog is included. Which is fine by me – growing up and being 9 years down the line usually equates to wanting to snuggle in our lovely home. But when we do go out we try to pick an awesome venue. Pinion definitely qualifies as awesome, and with it being just 15 mins from our own house gives it definite bonus points. Most good restaurants are in Liverpool city centre, which is around 40 mins drive away, so one of us usually stays sober to drive because taxis are super expensive. This time we hopped in a short taxi ride and both enjoyed a few cocktails.


Pinion is the newest venue out of the 3 I chose, only opening it’s doors last year after a very successful Kickstarter campaign. The owner, Gary Usher, also runs the super popular Wreckfish, which I have visited a few times before. He visited Prescot and noticed an old Ladbrokes building going to waste. Prescot was once a bustling town, now just filled with closed shopfronts from businesses that never made it. By sticking a successful restaurant in the middle of it, Gary hopes the historical area will slowly come back to life and regenerate.


I picked one of the starter specials which was octopus (I’m always up for an adventure!) as well as featherblade beef for my main. Cooked to perfection as usual. I also tried a sherry cocktail, as I am determined to try some old classic drinks that I’ve never had before. (Gin was also on the cards for date night.) I tipped over my target of £31 by just £1 (if you don’t include the cocktails), but it was worth it!

And that concludes my day of photogenic hangouts in Liverpool. I ended up spending £63, which isn’t actually too bad for a full day out in a big city. I would recommend you visit any one of these venues if you find yourself in Liverpool. These amazing 3 locations are just the tip of the iceberg, with hundreds more hotels and restaurants to visit in and around the city, with more opening every week. With Liverpool featuring in so many guides as one of the best places to visit while in the UK, from Timeout to Planetware to VisitEngland, it should also be on your travel bucketlist.

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