Colourful sun-filled party wedding in Ibiza – Amy + Nick

If you’ve ever been to Ibiza and had the pleasure of travelling through the countryside, you’ll instantly understand how stunning, yet otherworldly, the landscape is. And how wonderful a location it can be for a unique and cool-as-fuck outdoor wedding.


Well, imagine all of that… PLUS A TORRENTIAL RAINSTORM?? Because that is exactly what happened the night before Amy & Nick’s wedding…


IT WAS MENTAL! I’ve never heard rain like it. “How did Amy & Nick cope??” I hear you ask. I will let them tell you more about their miraculously sunny big day in their own words…

Omg, I am sat on the train home from London and am beyond excited!! Thank you so much! - Amy (after receiving her images)


Click here to listen to Amy & Nick’s wedding soundtrack while you enjoy the rest of their blog post.


  • One of my favourite parts of the wedding was arriving at the villa and saw that it was not underwater, and everything was how I’d dreamt it.
  • I also loved seeing Nick’s face when I walked down the aisle.


The planning went fairly well in the months and weeks before the wedding; with the wedding being held in Ibiza it was the perfect excuse to have a few pre-wedding trips to sort everything out. Although this proved to be harder than imagined because there was always so much going on and the weather was sooo nice!


We opted to have a free bar at the wedding and the plan was for the groom, best man and groomsman to do the booze run the morning after the stag do. This, of course, didn’t happen and was left to the bride and bridesmaid to sort due to some sore heads from the boys’ side…


As for major disasters… the weather instantly comes to mind. In the few days before the wedding the weather in Ibiza was glorious, however the night before, at around 5pm, it started torrentially raining and did not stop until midday the next day. This caused parts of the villa to flood, water to gather on the tables and the wedding had to be pushed back by an hour. The groom and groomsman swept up the puddles and by 3pm the sun was shining and the villa was a completely different place.


Top wedding planning tip – sit down together before you delve into the depths of planning and decide what are your must-haves. Our must-haves were: getting married abroad so everyone could relax, a fab photographer, live music that we loved and to have a free bar for our guests. Everything else we were willing to compromise on.


We first saw Amy’s work in a blog online and loved the style of her photography, then after meeting her we knew she would be the perfect match. We loved working with Amy as our photographer, we felt really comfortable; she made all the shoots really fun and relaxing.


We love one of the images from our pre-wedding shoot on the cliffs overlooking the stormy sea in Santa Eulalia, as it really captures how excited and emotional we both felt the night before! We also love the one of the groom and ushers jumping in the air next to the bridesmaids.


Take time to enjoy your engagement because the planning easily and quickly takes over! Everyone will have an opinion on how the day should go and will state it as if it is fact, but just remember: you can’t please everyone and no one really cares other thank you, so please yourselves!


Nick says don’t worry about your speech! Once you get started and realise everyone wants to listen to what you have to say, you will be fine.

Venue: Ibiza Hire

Dress: Wed2B

Suit: Zara

Bridesmaids dresses: SilkFred

Hair: Icon Hair

Make up: maid of honour

Flowers: bride’s grandma

Cake: bride’s mum (all watermelon)

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