Beautiful destination wedding in Sorrento – Emma + Luke

Today I went walking in the park with my dog, Maggie, as usual… but today we saw something different. Something that we haven’t seen since last year. NEW LIFE! Daffodil leaves poking up out of the rough. It made me soooo happy! From your responses to my Insta story today, it seems everyone is also fed up with dark nights and blustery days.


So, today, to celebrate the season turning from Winter to Spring, I wanted to post an incredibly sunny wedding to get everyone in the mood for the impending brighter and warmer weather (although it will never be as bright or warm here as it is in Sorrento; we can but dream!)


Emma & Luke were SO MUCH FUN to work with. They were a photographers dream. Always laughing, very loving, and bloody hilarious. Any couple who are up for partying before sunset is my kinda couple. I was so happy that their wedding went without a hitch after Brexit ended up putting a mini spanner in the works for their pre-wedding plans, which I discovered speaking with Emma before the trip.


Anyway, I will let Emma & Luke tell you more about their gorgeous Italian wedding in their own words…

Amy!!! Oh my god, ridiculous! We're so pleased! Seriously sooooo good, eeeeekkk! - Emma & Luke


Click here to listen to Emma & Luke’s wedding soundtrack while you enjoy the rest of their blog post.


  • Our favourite part of the wedding day, honestly, was nipping off and having our sunset pictures. It was the first time all day when it was just us, walking the streets and getting some fun shots.
  • Also loved when we literally ran down to the private beach to get images before we lost the sun, and on the balcony of our suite.
  • We went to Italy for 5 days before the wedding day itself, so we absolutely loved having different sets of our friends arriving every day.
  • Our pre meal getting to see all our friends and family in one place was amazing.
  • Oh and Luke says that driving through the tiny streets in our vintage Fiat 500 Bambino was a highlight for him – that car was adorable!



The wedding planning went okay! We are the most disorganised kind of people, so we are very lucky to have creative friends who helped with things like the table plan, table dressing, etc. Anything we wanted on the tables had to be taken with us to Italy in suitcases; we had one full case filled with candles and glass candle holders – God knows how it got there in one piece! We had a wedding planner in Italy who made sure the day ran smoothly but you never really knew how everything is going to go until the day. I had no idea what the flowers were going to look like until the day.
The biggest disaster was one of the best men pulling out the week before. Luckily Luke had chosen to have two best men and Craig, who had travelled all the way from Canada, did not disappoint.


Our top tip for planning a destination wedding would be to hire a GOOD wedding planner.


Rosanna kept in touch with us for two whole years before the wedding day, responded really quickly to all of our emails and very rarely said no to our demands, haha! Apart from the wedding cake. The Italians just couldn’t understand why we didn’t want to cut it! So we finally agreed to cut the cake and, actually, the pictures of that are really quite nice.


We chose Amy to be our photographer because we had seen her work at a friends wedding in France. The pictures were just incredible and I remember thinking they looked like they were out of a glossy magazine, nothing like I’d ever seen before.


We both loved working with Amy because she was so chilled, laid back and not pushy. It was basically like if you had one of your best friends taking pics on a night out and you feel totally comfortable to be yourself, silly, sexy! Her pictures are like no one else’s and we recommend her to anyone that will look or listen. Our pictures exceeded every expectation we ever had! We couldn’t be happier; we look like film stars!


7 months on and the USB stick is still slotted into the back of the TV so that any poor unsuspecting victim that enters that house has to watch the whole slideshow. We never get bored of watching.


It’s so hard to pic our favourite Amy Faith photo!

    • Luke says his favourite is the one of us outside the hotel with the crowd of people standing all around, taking pictures of Mount Vesuvius, with us in the middle. It almost looks like they were asked to take part in the picture, but it was completely natural.
    • Emma says her favourite is the one of us standing on the pavement, under a bush of beautiful pink flowers, and Amy perfectly timed a guy zooming past on his moped.


Dress & veil: Knutsford Wedding Gallery

Shoes: Christian Louboutins

Suit & shoes: Hugo Boss

Bridesmaids dresses: Debenhams

Rings: Lotus Diamonds

Car: 1970 Fiat 500 Bambino by Hire Car Positano

Hair: Emily Wells (UK)

Make up: Sophie Roberts (UK)

Band: Francesca Maresca & piano/sax player (Italy)

Planning, cake & flowers by : Rosanna at Orange Blossom Wedding Planning

Venue: Bellevue Syrene

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