My name is Amy, I’m a UK and destination wedding photographer and I specialise in shooting epic weddings FOR WEIRDOS IN LOVE! Because if you’re not a bit of a weirdo, you’re in the wrong place, baby.


I am super-organised with a laidback attitude. I’m unconventional, untraditional, unorthodox. I’m a super geek. I take no *bullshit. I love life!


I lovvve getting to work with passionate, adventurous, individualistic couples, who aren’t afraid to have fun, break the rules and *fuck tradition. 


(*I also swear a lot…)

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I want to be more than just your “wedding photographer”. I will be the honourary bridesmaid you never know you needed!


I can help you plan your day, I will keep you sane when your fam get psycho, I will be the voice of reason, a shoulder to cry on, a wealth of wedding knowledge and a port in the storm.


Because my couples mean the world to me and my biggest honour is to give you your memories.


(*trying not to sound like a stalker)

So, to give you a little bit more of an idea about who I am, here are some weird fun facts about me – I aint even gonna apologise if some of them are TMI…


  • My partner, Tom, is a music whizz, a modern wedding DJ (click the link to email him!) and is the proud owner of a glorious beard. All of this makes me happy.


  • My dog, Maggie, is my ginger shadow and I love it. We are basically the same person. If you have any pets, guaranteed I will make a beeline for them and take pictures of them immediately. 


  • I’m a fantasy & period nerd. I love Outlander, The HobbitHarry Potter, Pride & Prejudice & Game of Thrones way way wayyyyy too much. 


  • Speaking of Harry Potter, I’m a Ravenclaw, and I couldn’t agree more with the Sorting Hat’s decision. Blue till I die! What’s your house?


  • I am a bio drag queen, my alter ego is called Izzy Amann and I regularly hang out with Drag Race queens (with several restraining orders being processed right now, I’m sure).  “YOU BETTER WERK!”


  • I bloody love music. Especially The 1975 (see my treasured selfies with them below), The Beatles, Nirvana, Kate Bush, T-Rex, Joan Jett, David Bowie, Prince, The Cure. My musical tastes range from 40’s big band, 60’s Merseybeat, 70’s glam rock and punk, 80’s New Romantic, 90’s pop to Scottish trad, world folk, emo shite, nu metal, and much much more!


  • I am a book collector and avid book worm, I challenge myself to physically read up to 30 books a year. (However I have also learned that “buying books” and “reading books” are 2 separate hobbies.)


  • I have recently started my own YouTube channel where I talk about all kinds of photography, book collecting, drag and daily vlogs of my life.


  • I have tattoos and piercings and I bloody love them!! And I will want to see yours!


  • I have, what some fools may call, an inexcusable fascination for everything morbid – I regularly relax by listening to historical true crime podcasts, I have way too many skulls in my house and I love reading Victorian headstones in big old cemeteries.


  • I adore old movies. My favourites are “The Ghost & Mrs Muir”, “The Haunting of Hill House” and “Blithe Spirit”. (Basically anything with ghosts, it seems!) 


  • My heart broke into a thousand tiny pieces when Prince died, having been a fan since I was 7 when I found a copy of ‘Lovesexy’ in my mums music collection and fell in love with the ethereal naked creature on the front cover.


  • I die if I can’t have a cup of tea every day. Literally DIE.