A few years ago, a friend of mine suggested that with all my photography experience I should look into wedding photography. I was honestly shocked. Back then I thought wedding photography was still stuck in the dark ages. Bad 80’s style fuzzy vignettes, with bouquets laid on wedding grown trains and endless lines of formal portraits – you know the type! But then, one day, I found myself wandering onto a beautiful, modern wedding blog, filled to the brim with artistic, creative, meaningful images. I was completely blown away… wedding photography is now a completely reputable art form in itself! What a revelation! And what an honour it is, to be invited into a family, to spend time with two wonderful people on one of the biggest days of their lives, to have a brief glimpse into someone else’s life, even just for a moment. I was hooked instantly… and I have not looked back since.


Almost 5 years on and I have photographed so many amazing, wacky, beautiful, modest, surreal weddings. No wedding is ever the same! I have travelled to shoot weddings unbelievably amazing places – all over the UK, France, Spain, Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, Morocco and SOON Florida! Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming – I pretty much have the best job in the world! And it’s all thanks to you guys for being the best brides and grooms ever.

by me

So, to give you a little bit more of an idea about who I am, here are some weird fun facts about me – I aint even gonna apologise if some of them are TMI…


  • I’m a super nerd. I love OutlanderHarry Potter & Game of Thrones way way wayyyyy too much. (See image above for proof)


  • If I was born a man, I’d be a drag queen. Because them bitches are fierce! “YOU BETTER WERK!” as Mama Rupaul would say.


  • My dog, Maggie, is my ginger shadow and I love it. We are basically the same person. If you have any pets, guaranteed I will make a beeline for them and take pictures of them immediately. Animals = yay!


  • My partner, Tom, has a beard. This makes me happy.


  • My diet consists of mostly clean eating (however I do fall off my poncy perch for a big slab of cake or pizza now and again). I am even starting to grow my own veggies. Does that make me sound 50 years old? 


  • I have tattoos and piercings and I bloody love them!!


  • I adore old movies, especially if they have Gene Kelly, Rex Harrison or Danny Kaye in them.


  • My heart broke into a thousand tiny pieces when Prince died, having been a fan since I was 7 when I found a copy of Lovesexy in my mums music collection and fell in love with the ethereal naked creature on the front cover.


  • I die if I can’t have a cup of tea every day. Literally die.


  • My car is called Cilla because I bought it on the day Cilla Black died. God love ‘er.


  • I have about 101 hilarious stories about meeting/working with/dating celebrities; ask me and I may tell you one (or 10).