Are you getting married abroad and wondering if I would come and shoot your wedding? Well then I have one word for you…




Let me just repeat that. YES. YES. YES!


I will travel ANYWHERE to shoot a wedding. ANYWHERE. I have shot weddings all over the UK, as well as Barbados, Canada, Hong Kong, France, Morocco, Italy and Spain. In the next few years I will also be heading to Ibiza, Ireland, Italy and France again, and Florida! Just say the word and I’m already on the plane.


I absolutely love to travel, I want to see the entire world. And if I get to shoot a beautiful wedding or engagement at the same time, then woohoo! So please don’t think you have to resign yourself to booking the bog standard, jaded, venue photographer that comes with your destination wedding package. I can honestly say, from experience, that you will probably regret it. Just contact me, tell me your ideas and budget – you never know, you could be pleasantly surprised with what I can offer. I can’t work miracles, of course, but I can attempt to move mountains.


Head over to my contact form right NOW and tell me all sorts of madness about you guys and your crazy-ass plans :)

In fact, here’s a little snippet of my neverending bucketlist:


Wedding in Scotland (preferably at a castle)
Wedding/elopement in the Highlands (preferably by a loch)
Elopement in Vegas (preferably with a shoot in the Nevada desert)
Warehouse wedding literally anywhere
Anahoe Park wedding
The Asylum Arts Centre wedding
A wedding/elopement/engagement shoot in Iceland
Outdoor wedding in a forest
Pagan handfasting (I want broom jumping and everything)
Pub wedding in London
Wedding in Paris
60’s themed wedding
Punk wedding in Brighton
Beach wedding in Barbados
Engagement shoot in the streets of Paris
Rooftop wedding in New York
City wedding in Hong Kong
Wedding in the mountains (maybe Alaska , Colerado, Oregon, or even Canada)
Wedding next to a lake (anywhere in the world!)
Wedding/engagement shoot in Positano


If you are planning anything like this, I will give you an offer you can’t refuse. I will do an infinite number of MANY of these <3